Squeake's Noyse

Squeake's Noyse - Historical Music


Historical Songs and Music of All Eras

Anne Marie Summers and Thor Ewing


Squeake's Noyse - Napoleonic music

Bagpipe : Hurdy gurdy : Percussion : Recorder : Harp : Fife

Songs and tunes, both Loud and Hearty and
Soft and Gentle, with a good many in between!

 Tudor : Civil War : Medieval : Napoleonic : Roman : Viking & Anglo-Saxon


for Museums, Castles, History Fairs, Weddings,
Banquets, Re-enactment, Living History and other events.


all material fully researched and authentic to period

new programmes researched to meet your needs


 Squeake's Noyse - Medieval music

Squeake’s Noyse are sometimes joined by musician Stephen Tyler, and can also draw on the services of other musicians to make up a larger band. 

Squeake's Noyse - Roman music

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The name ‘Squeake’s Noyse’ is inspired by the seventeenth-century band ‘Sneake’s Noyse’ that accompanied the first performances of some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays


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