Scop and Skald

Viking & Anglo-Saxon Music, Stories and Poetry
Entertainment for the Meadhall.

Thor Ewing and Anne Marie Summers present tales and music for the Anglo-Saxon and Viking world for Museums, Concerts, Castles, History Fairs, Weddings, Banquets, Re-enactment, Living History and other events.

At a Viking banquet, songs and music reflecting Britain's ancient links with Scandinavia combine with tales of the Viking gods and a dramatic recitation of a Viking legendary poem or a merry tale of Viking generosity.  At an Anglo-Saxon banquet, music and stories are interspersed with Anglo-Saxon toasts and riddles.

Instruments featured are the lyre, harp, bone whistles, hornpipes, simple bagpipes and percussion.

Stories are drawn from the Icelandic sagas and the Norse myths or from Anglo-Saxon traditions.

Other historical programmes include:  

Cantus Britannicus (Roman and Celtic Music)

Chivalry (Medieval Music)

Tudor Rose (Sixteenth Century Music)

Shakespeare’s Day (Elizabethan and Jacobean Music)

Cavalilly Men (Civil War Music)

Pieces of Eight (Pirate Songs and Music)

Brave Wolfe (Songs and Music for the hero of 1759)

Boney the Warrior (Napoleonic Music)

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