Images of Squeake's Noyse performing historical music.

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Music for the English Civil War Pirate Songs Town Centre - Medival Music Medieval Music Trio

Anne Marie Summers - Medieval Pipes Anne Marie Summers - Hurdy Gurdy Anne Marie Summers - Hurdy Gurdy Anne Marie Summers - Timbrel
Historical Singer - Drum Historical Musician - Harmonic Flute Tudor Musician Singer Musician - Lyre Player
I've also assembled a few soundfiles, but they make us out to be a rather quiet and introspective band.  Far more often, we're booked to play outside or in a loud banquet, and Anne Marie is playing her loudest pipes and I'm singing at the top of my voice.
Anne Marie singing in Medieval French
Anne Marie singing in Modern English and playing bagpipes
Thor singing in Medieval Spanish (Annie playing medieval harp)
Thor singing in Modern English (Annie playing medieval harp)
Thor reciting Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon
Anne Marie is a member of The Musicians' Union, and Thor is a member of British Actors' Equity.

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